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Uniform Choice is increasingly becoming one of Australia’s most preferred workwear supplier. This is partly because we have a huge range of quality workwear, and, is continuing to grow more.  At our online workwear store you can order most of your workwear needs, if not all.


Traditional Workwear

The workwear traditionally worn by tradies are available on our online workwear store. We have grouped all the quality workwear under the traditional workwear category so to make your online shopping easier, and a pleasant experience. The traditional workwear section provides a large selection of quality workwear, including work shirts, work pants and shorts, and work jackets and vests. The traditional workwear section also includes overalls and coveralls for mechanics, plumbers, carpenters and other tradies. In addition, you an order workwear accessories including work socks, ID badges, socks and more.


Hi-Visibility and safety Workwear

You can order all your hi-vis workwear and safety wear from our online workwear store. Here you will find a large selection of hi-visibility workwear in lots of colour options including yellow/navy, orange/navy/ and yellow/green, just to name a few. Also our high visibility workwear is available in wide range of sizes as well. So, you are definitely in the right place, especially if you are looking for hi-vis polos, hi-vis shirts, hi-vis tees and singlets, hi-vis jackets and pants, hi-vis tops, hi-vis overalls and coveralls.


Men's Workwear online

Uniform Choice offers one of the most exciting range of men's workwear online so that you can order your work clothing from anywhere in Australia. This fact is further supperted by our speedy dispatch of your order, and our free delivery offer. We believe in providing all the workwear and uniform needs of your business irrespecive of whether you are located in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and/or in Perth. You can find what you are searching for fairly easily in our easy to navigate uniform store. Alternatively, you could simply follow the link below to the category of men's work wear that you are looking for, which include:

Men's work shirts

Men's work jackets

Men's work vests

Men's work overalls and coveralls

Men's work pants

Men's work shorts


Cotton Polo Work Shirts

Buy quality cotton polo work shirts in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth at affordable prices. We offer men's cotton polo shirts as well as women's cotton polo shirts in huge colour range, which includes Azure Blue, French Blue, Black, Green, Lemon, Light Pink, Navy, Purple, Sand, Red, Spring Blue and white. Men's cotton polo work shirts are available in sizes from small to 5XL . Women's cotton polo work shirt is available from size 6 up to size 24. Cotton polo shirts are great for work as they are both comfortable, lightweight and stretchable. You can also have pockets added to the polos at a minimal cost. Uniform Choice offers quality embroidery and screen printing service in case you'd like to have your company logo added to the polos.


Custom Designed Workwear

Why settle for ordinary when you can customize your workwear. There are number of customization options we offer. You can customize your workwear by adding your logo to the garments, or having screen printing at the back of your workwear tops such as shirts and jackets. You can give the kind of look that most suits to your branding objectives. Another way we can help you with custom work wear, is that we can manufacture a custom designed apparel.

While we can custom design work shirts and jackets, we can also custom design work pants and shorts. The choice is yours! Custom Design work wear is beneficial for those businesses that want a unique looking uniforms. The uniqueness could involve in the design and the colour of your apparel. Custom Designed uniforms is also advantages as you can also customized the sizes.


Custom Embroidered Workwear

Uniform Choice is all about providing you a complete service, as we understand that time is valuable for our customers, and searching around for an embroidery is a waste of time, and often increases the cost of your workwear. On the other hand, having the product and embroidery at the same place saves time, and often, it is more cost efficient. At our online workwear store, you can order all your workwear needs, as well as have them embroidered with your company logo. We also do large size embroidery to the back of your garments, as well as on work pants and shorts. Try our embroidery services today.


Printed Workwear

Uniform Choice also offers quality Screen Printing services that you could use to brand your workwear with your logo. While we do screen printing on workwear apparel, we also do screen printing on promotional products such as tote bags and shopping bags. No matter whether you’d like a single colour screen printing, or multi-colour screen printing, Uniform Choice can do that for you at affordable prices. What’s more, you can order your screen printing online from anywhere in Australia.


Workwear in Geelong

You can now get all your workwear needs in Geelong at affordable prices. We provide daily deliveries to Geelong and its surrounding areas. You can now order all your work shirts, work boots, work pants and work shorts online in Geelong at our online workwear store.


Areas of Delivery

Uniform Choice is well known for its speedy and accurate service. We usually ship orders within 3 working days, irrespective where your location is, that is, as long as it is within Australia. So whether you are in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth or Darwin, you can have your workwear shipped to you within 3 days. You might be pleased to know that our fast shipping service includes major towns as well. Therefore, no matter whether you are in Geelong or Ballarat, or in Albury or Wodonga, or even in Gold coast, you’d be able to have your workwear delivered to you.


Quality Brands

We don’t take chances when it comes to quality. This is why we carefully select our brands that are well known to be quality brands.


JBs Work Wear

JBs Work Wear is a highly popular brand in Australia. JBs Work Wear has an excellent reputation for supplying top quality work wear apparel, work boots, school wear, corporate shirting and suiting, as well as traditional uniform apparel such as polos, tees, shirts, jumpers, jackets, pants and shorts. What distinguishes JBs Work Wear from other suppliers, is its huge range of colours and sizes, which are important for businesses. In a sense, it can be said that, if you cannot find the colour or the size from the JBs Work Wear range, the chances are that you will not be able to find it anywhere else. That’s why we love to partner with JBs Work Wear.  If you are interested in ordering your work wear from JBs range, simply use the ‘brand’ filter on the left pane. If having problems with that, please call us so that we can assist you with your order.


Winning Spirit Workwear

When it comes to selecting our supplier partners, we are not after quantity, but quality of brands. This is why we partner with Winning Spirit, which is a highly reputable brand. Winning Spirit is a rapidly growing brand in the areas of uniform apparel, work wear, corporate wear, headwear, and more. So, no matter you want a sturdy work shirt, or a soft golf towel, or a cool looking hat, Winning Spirit has the range. Check it out.


DNC Work Wear

As the name suggests, DNC Work Wear is a well-known brand, specialising in quality work wear products, while also catering for casual wear and corporate wear. DNC Work Wear is increasingly becoming popular throughout Australia. Predominantly focusing in work wear, means that it can provide a bigger range in workwear. Naturally this would include bigger size and colour range.  


Grace Collection

Uniform Choice is soon to add Grace Collection to its range of products. Grace Collection is making waves in the uniform and work wear industry as suppliers of unique designed polo shirts, tee shirts, jackets and more. Coming soon to our online store.

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