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Welcome to Australia's best Online Uniforms Store!

Uniform Choice is a specialist in supplying high quality uniforms at affordable prices. We stock a wide range of uniforms tailored for different industries. What's more, we also offer embroidery and screen printing services so that you can add your logo to your uniforms effortlessly. We trust you will enjoy shopping at our online uniform store.


Health Care Uniforms

Here at Uniform Choice, we understand that health care uniforms such as nursing uniforms and medical uniforms need to meet with the highest quality requirements. This is why we pay extra attention when selecting our range. When you check our range, you will notice that all our health care uniforms are light weight, durable and easy to care. The fabrics we chose are designed to minimize bacterial build up. What’s more, we endeavour to select products that comply with the occupational health and safety standards. For hygienic reasons we only supply short sleeve tops. And, for the safety of patients, most of our products come button free. The scrub tops have not pockets so to promote greater safety and hygiene. So, if you are after a nursing uniform, or health care uniform, try our online uniform store. Here you will find a large range of health care uniforms, as well as health care scrubs for both men and women, in wide range of colours and sizes


Chef Uniforms

We don’t believe that Chef Uniforms need to be ugly! We believe that Chefs deserve a better looking uniform. This is precisely why we try to offer a huge range of style so that you can find the best looking uniform for yourself, or for your chef. Remember, a well-dressed chef, can make a lasting impression. Check out our range of chef's apparel.


Waiters and Waitress Uniforms

Dress to impress rule can apply the best for the waiters and waitresses. This is why we are very fussy in selecting uniforms that not only look good, but also maintain its sharp looks. There is nothing worse than a waiter wearing a discoloured vest or shirt. This is the reason we carefully select the materials so to ensure that they are highly resistant to discolouration after many washes. We are also committed to supply waiter uniforms that require no ironing.  


Business Uniforms Online

Uniform Choice is proud to know that our customers appreciate our range of quality business uniforms that they love to order online. We offer high quality business uniforms online including business shirts, pants and jackets, as well as business shoes and socks. We deliver all major cities and towns in Australia. You can now buy top quality business uniforms online at affordable prices. Fast shipping.


Top unforms in Melbourne Victoria

We have been supplying uniforms and workwear to Melbourne for many years. Although, in those days we used to go to businesses to offer our uniform and workwear range, as well as embroidery and screen printing services. Due to high demand from our customers, we have created an exciting online uniform store in Melbourne where you can order any time that suits you. In fact you now have the flexibility of ordering all your uniform and workwear needs from anywhere in the world, provided that you have access to internet. While we are excited to being able to offer you 24/7 shopping flexibility at our online store, we remain committed to our high customer service standards.  


Quality Uniforms in Sydney

Uniform Choice is proud supplier of uniforms and workwear to many businesses in Sydney. Our customers are excited to use our online uniform store, as it is more convenient way of uniform shopping. Our customers no longer need to wait at their business premises for our sales representatives to visit them. They can simply go online and put their orders through.  In fact you could order your uniforms and workwear while sipping your coffee in one of the exciting cafes in Darling Harbour, or while you are munching away your Turkish Kebab in Auburn. The Choice is yours. We believe that personal service is an integral part of our partnership with our customers. Therefore, we still love to visit our customers from time to time, just to say hello. So, you want a reliable and resourceful uniform supplier in Sydney, join the Uniform Choice family.


Embroidered Uniforms

Here at Uniform Choice, we believe in complete service. While this is convenient, but also saves lots of time and money to our customers. This is why we provide embroidery service so that you could have your uniforms ordered, and embroidered at the same time. Our state of the art embroidery machines will ensure that you get top quality. Also, we have the resources to provide high volume embroidery. So, next time you order your uniforms and workwear apparel, try our embroidery service as well. You can order both the products and embroidery at our online uniform store.


Printed Uniforms

Screen Printing can be a cost effective way of uniform branding, especially where there is a high volume involved. Screen Printing is also light weight, which means it does not create tension on the garment, as oppose to embroidery. This would become particularly important if the branding is very large. This is partly the reason as to why Uniform Choice introduced screen printing services. We can do single colour or multi-colour screen printing. Also our minimum quantity is fairly low so that most customers can take advantage of such branding choice. If not sure whether to use embroidery or screen printing, you are welcome to call our friendly customer service team and get their suggestions.


Free Shipping Australia-wide

We offer free shipping to all major cities and towns in Australia. Initially, the Free Shipping was only available to online uniform orders in Melbourne and Sydney.  However, we have recently expanded the Free Delivery to other cities such as Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, ACT and Darwin. In order to assist our customers further, we have expanded our free shipping offer to areas such as Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat, Wodonga, Newcastle, and other major towns. For further information and any restrictions, please view our Free Shipping page.




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