The more you shop with Uniform Choice the more you save on your workwear and uniform needs! Simply sign up to become a U-Choice member and start earning back 1% on every single order you make! So 100 U-Choice Points you save $1 to use for your next purchase. And just for the first purchase, we are putting an extra 1000 U-Choice points ($10) straight into your U-Choice account!

FAQ U-choice points:

Is there a cost to join?

Completely free!

When can I use my U-Choice Points?

Your U-Choice Points are awarded into your account and you can use it on your next order!

Do my U-Choice Points expire?

U-Choice Points earned through your purchase will expire within 2 years from the date your items ship.

Can I transfer my U-Choice Points to a mate?

U-Choice Points cannot be transferred from one account to another. You can however be an awesome mate and order a gift purchase!

How do I apply my U- Points to my order?

Simply, select the amount of U-Choice Points you wish to use on your order during checkout.

Can U-Choice points be used/redeemed on sale items?

Yes, your U-Choice points can be used in conjunction with discounted codes.

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