Screen Printing



Let us Screen Print your garments!

Screen printing is a process that involves passing of ink or paint through a mesh or a “screen” that has been stretched on a frame and to which a stencil is applied to replicate your artwork onto your garments. It’s one of the most popular designing tools used in clothing and materials worldwide. Most widely done on tee shirts, promotional materials etc. Screen printing has been one of the oldest and most commonly used methods for printing on clothing.

Screen printing offers terrific value for money. Large quantities can be produced rapidly in this process. You can choose from any font size or style and use up to three colors in your prints. Screen printing is the best option or designs that require a high level of vibrancy of colors and can be highly customized, ideal for uniforms.

Screen printing is a method that allows you to quickly and easily print the same design on many pieces of clothing, which makes it cheaper. With screen printing, you can go for any design. It may not only include your logo, but also other images or words. Hence, the only limitation is your creativity!

Based in Melbourne Australia, Uniform Choice is your best choice for screen printing on your uniforms. We are able to maintain exceptional print quality at budget wholesale prices. We can do Screen printing on a range of clothing apparels which include but are not limited to polos, suits, shirts, tee, sweat tops, jumpers, jackets, vests.

Whether you are a sports club, fashion label, corporate house, school or anyone requiring screen printing, we will do it for you. We deliver nationwide. Whatever your need is, and wherever you are, we will help. We take full responsibility of the products delivered to you. We will deliver the quality prodcuts and hassle free customer service that you deserve.

You can explore our website for more details and designs. Please don’t hesitate to contact or visit us. 

Screen Printing Pricing:

Prices for screen printing depends on the quantity and number of colours to be used. For quanities upto 1000, prices are inbuilt into our cart system. If you have more quanity, please contact us for a special deal.



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