Shipping and Returns


Free Shipping

Uniform Choice provides free shipping for all orders over $199. This includes new orders, as well as repeat orders. So, you can shop without moving an inch from your spot and the order will be shipped to you within a matter of a few days. We will ship to you almost anything from corporate uniform to shirts to Jumpers to head wear.


Shipping Speed

It may take a few days for your order to arrive depending upon the destination. However, if you are in a hurry for your uniforms or workwear, you can speed up the shipping time by choosing the “Express Shipping” option. This option will occur additional charge to your order. However, if we feel we cannot ship within the specified time for whatever the reason, we will inform you via the email address you have provided to us, prior to processing your order.    

The shipping speed varies on number of factors including the availability of stock, delivery location, and whether or not you require us to do any decoration such as embroidery or screen printing. Orders not requiring us to do any decoration are usually shipped within 6-7 days with our Free Shipping option, or within 3-4 working days with the Express Shipping method. Working days are Monday to Friday, and excludes weekends and public holidays. Repeat orders for undecorated stock can be shipped quicker (5-7 working days), provided that the stock is available, upon which case, we will try to contact you.

Please view our Shipping Policy page for further information.



Customer satisfaction is our only goal, hence we accept returns, albeit on certain conditions, For example, while we accept returns for products deemed to be faulty by the manufacturer of the relevant product, but do not accept returns for items that are worn, or damaged by customer in anyway. Of course these are just a few examples, and that there are other inclusions and exclusions, and terms and conditions relevant to returns, hence we suggest that you check out our Returns Policy prior to making an order.


Please note that the information on this page, and all our policies, terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

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