Free Sample Offer


Here at Uniform Choice, we encourage our customers to order a sample of the product before making a bulk order. This will help to ensure that the products you will be purchasing in bulk will meet your requirements.

We also aim to make your uniform ordering a cost efficient excercise. Therefore, we offer Free Sample, that is, Uniform Choice will deduct the cost of the sample product (excluding shipping costs and tax) from your next bulk order. Bulk order is an order that is minimum 10 pieces of the same product that was ordered for sample, or products of similar value (+/- 10%).


Here is an Example:

Lets say you ordered 1 jacket, 1 polo shirt and 1 tee shirt, and eventually, you decided to make a bulk order for 10 polos. In this scenario, you would only be credited for the polo that you ordered as sample, not for the other samples. The purchase price of the sample polo will be credited towards your bulk order. However, in order to benefit from our Free Sample offer, your bulk order needs to be made and paid for no later than 7 days of the invoice date of the sample order.


Here is another Example:

Lets assume that you have ordered a jacket, worth $50 as a sample, and later decided to go for a different jacket of similar value (say $45). In this scenario, you would be credited $50 towards new bulk order (that is, 10+ jackets).


For further information about our returns and refunds policies, please visit our returns and refunds policy pages.

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