You can go for plain garments as your office uniform, which may look like your employees have worn their own formal clothes to work, or you can go that extra mile! You can make it as personalized and unique as you want! And the benefit?You can make each of your employees a walking marketing tool for your office!

How? If you think about it, your employees may not be wearing your uniform just inside your office but also at meetings, events and while commuting to and from work too! A lot of people see it during the time! If your uniform is highly recognizable, wouldn’t it become a walking small billboard? Also, during events, you want to stand out from the crowd.

So, how do you do it? By actuallyengraving your company’s logo into the uniform itself!Or anything else for that matter! And what better way to do that than by embroidery?Embroidered uniforms give your workforce a strong identity and your company great brand value.

Embroidery doesn’t fade away with each wash like your usual prints. It is stitched into the fabric! Hence it’shigh quality and permanent! It can be washed and ironed. And perfect for everyday or frequent use!You can use multiple colors into embroidery without additional cost.

With the professional appearance that embroidery creates, not only will your employees look smart, your clients and customers will also know that you mean business. For institutions like schools, hospitality industries, airline industries, health sector, etc., a unique uniform along with a logo is a must. We can design and do embroidery for any and every sort of logo, designs, texts, etc.

Whether you are a small business, sports team, or a dance troupe we never compromise on quality. We understand how important and unique your logo is to you and your company. We make them exactly like you have in your mind.

Regardless of your company type, and regardless of the quantity of garment, we can brand it for you. We can ensure you high quality thanks to our own embroidery and printing machines in our own factory right here in Australia. We are solely responsible for the products delivered to you. We never rely on outsource. With sound customer service and hassle free online delivery, you can save time and ensure peace of mind.


Free Embroidery Set up

We are one of the few uniform businesses that provide free embroidery set up should you order 100 or more garments with the same embroidery. Limited one free set up per customer. So when you’re getting it free, why wouldn’t you take it?!Our products include corporate uniforms, work wear, sports wear, casual wear, safety wear, promotional items and more.


Minimum Order Quantity

Due to the fact that setting up an embroidery machine takes our staff's time, we need to ensure that such costs are covered. Therefore, our minimum order quantity for embroidery is 3 items per repeat order. Although we can fullfill orders, which are less than MOQ, there would be a minimum charge that equates to 3 items.

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