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Uniforms, they define you. They are an identity of where you belong. They exude class. They exude confidence. They tell others where you come from, without your need to say. When you think of uniforms think of us. Uniform choice is a simple solution to your company’s uniform clothes’ needs. We are a supplier of corporate uniforms for corporate companies, big and small. We cater to any form of uniform need, whether your company is an office or a hotel, a hospital, or a sports club.

We have offline stores and you are always welcome to visit us for uniform samples. But for your convenience, we can provide the uniforms online without the hasslesso you can get your uniforms at your convenience! Our professional and dedicated client servicing add a personal touch that will ensure you timely delivery and thus, peace of mind! We know that you are already busy and stressed in your work. We can help lift off at least an extra stress of your uniform needs from your shoulders. Our online shopping payment is secure so you have total peace of mind. We provide free shipping and 100 days refund if you are not happy with our products. So you can focus singularly on your work. Leave your uniform’s worry to us.

Speaking of it, uniforms don’t always need to be boring and dull, even though your work might be so. As opposed to usual thinking, uniforms can be stylish and classy too. We have screen printing, digital printing and embroidery machines in our own factory so we can make your uniforms as customized as you want. We provide the best uniforms in Australia. And best doesn’t need to be expensive. We provide cheap affordable uniforms in Melbourne for your everyday work. Now, high quality clothing doesn’t require spending a lot of money.

We design and provide a whole range of work wear for men and women as well as school uniforms for kids. Whatever business you are in, whatever your uniform needs, we are always here to cater to you.

Work Wear

Uniforms need to be unique, appropriate, comfortable as well as easily recognizable. So we customize your uniforms just the way you have it in your mind. After all, your uniform needs to be as unique as your company. We understand your business and your core values deeply. And then we design uniforms that you want your employees to wear to work every day. You want your employees to look professional, confident and reliable. Uniforms are also a part of your company’s physical evidence. Just like your office’s interiors speak of your class, your employee’s uniforms also can define the class and standard of your entire company. We design corporate uniforms to suit your organization,uniforms that speak of your company’s values and culture. We provide the best uniforms in Melbourne. We just don’t design uniforms, we design class. We design an image for your company that sets you apart from the rest. We provide you a consistent corporate identity. And all that at an affordable price!

Men’s Work Wear

When it comes to men’s work wear, the first thing that comes to mind is the formal suits and ties. Our huge range of men’s clothing caters to many work types including corporate, trade, chef, safety, etc. We can design uniforms, collared shirts, dress shirts, pants, shorts, polos, jackets, blazers, caps, overalls, coveralls, etc as per your custom designs. We can customize the sizes, designs, materials and colours according to your needs.

Women’s Work Wear

You may realize that half of your workforce is female. And they are different. When it comes to work wear for women, it should be as classy and fabulous as they are! When they can look good at parties and functions, why should they be dull and boring at work? After all, they spend the most amount of time of their lifetimes at work! There are not many choices when it comes to women’s work wears. When you are ensuring that your male employees are at their professional best, you can’t give the same clothes to the females in your company and expect them to fit them. Most women can’t comfortably wear uniforms designed to fit men and it doesn’t look good on them either. Women’s work wear should suit their body shapes and make them look better and feel smart and confident. They need to look formal and people should understand that they mean business. But at the same time, they need to feel confident because if they feel confident inside, they look confident on the outside and confidence brings success. That’s why we cater to the uniform needs of the females in your company. When they have a uniform, they are free from the daily morning hassles of what to wear to work and hence save valuable time and focus better on work. We ensure feminine style and comfort for them at the same time ensuring that their uniforms too speak of your company’s values and ooze professionalism.

Our uniform choices for women can range from women’s shirts and blouses to pencil skirts and formal pants, jackets, suits, women’s separates and more.

We cater to all and any uniform need under the sun. We also provide specialized uniforms for school children, fire retardants, healthcare professionals, hospitality professionals, safety wear, sportswear, head wear, promotional prints in pens, USB sticks, etc.

For the details and samples please explore our website. Feel free to contact or visit us.

Lucas Smith Melbourne, Australia

I heard about Uniform Choice through a friend. I was pleasantly surprised when I visited their website and personally visited their store at Melbourne. They were so welcoming. They have products of such a wide variety I was so confused! They were very patient and prompt in answering all my queries and also in recommending products that would suit my business.They have expert level knowledge gained through years of experience in the uniform business and I must say, their recommendations were good for me. After I ordered, their service was also so prompt and precise, and their products very high quality, I would recommend Uniform Choice to all others who need uniforms.

Oscar Hornibrook Melbourne, Australia

When I visited uniform choice’s website, I found it to be so attractive and user-friendly. They have a wide range of products and prices to choose form. There’s something for everyone. They gave me prompt service even when including screen printing design into our uniforms. We had needed costumes for our stage performance for the competition. I’m so glad that the costumes arrived in time so we even got time to practice with the costumes on. It added so much to my confidence on stage!

Georgia Dennis Sydney, Australia

I ordered the uniforms for my office through Uniform Choice in the last minute. I also wanted my company logo to be stitched into the uniforms. I just provided them my logo design and I’m so relieved that the logo has come out exactly the same. I never compromise on quality and I’m very happy that there was no need of altering and re-work. Time saved and great customer service too!

Jhoan Ucan Melbourne, Australia

The team at uniform choice is very pleasant. Their online ordering system is so hassle – free. I don’t need to remind them again about the order. I just had to choose the garments, colors, the designs and provide the number of pieces I needed and I was done. I am very impressed by how they have been so professional and responsible throughout the process. The overall experience was very easy.

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