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Free Shipping

Free Delivery


We offer Free Shipping Australia-wide on orders over $499.


Free shipping applies to delivery to one location per order, to all areas within the Australia Post Delivery Zones, which includes most major cities including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, and Adelaide, as well as to most major towns some of which include Ballarat, Geelong, Bendigo, Newcastle, Wollongong,   Gosford and Gold Coast. We may ship your order from our partner warehouses in order to save time and money.


Free shipping is available on all products, but excludes international orders and deliveries to Australian locations outside of the Australia Post Delivery Zones.  Please check out if your post code is within the Australian Post Delivery Zones


You can arrange your order to be delivered direct to you business, or to a nominated third party such as your branch office or your nominated embroidery/screen printing company. Please note that free shipping does neither apply, nor do we accept responsibility for any shipping from the third party to you. So, if you want your order to be delivered to you from your nominated third party, then you will need to make your own shipping arrangements.


We normally ship undecorated stock within the same day, provided that we have the items in stock and that we receive, and process your order before 12pm.  Orders received, or processed after 12pm is likely to be shipped in the next business day. Delivery times may differ depending on number of factors including the location of delivery. Please visit our Shipping Policy for further information.


Please note that working days excludes weekends and public holidays, and that we do not ship during Victorian public holidays. 

Secure Shopping

Secure Shopping



There are many things that scare people; spiders, ghosts, clown, but in reality there is nothing scarier than invasion of your private information. Uniform choice is well aware of your fear. The risk of infiltration of your personal data is high in online shopping. But, you can set your worries aside for U-choice is a trustworthy site for secure shopping.

We only ask you to provide relevant information

We only collect necessary information like :

  • •Your name, for identification and record keeping
  • •Contact information; your phone number and email address
  • • Delivery address
  • • Or, other information needed for delivering your orders.

The information we collect is voluntarily by our visitors. We collect the information to understand your needs and provide you with better service.

We provide high level security

We are a dedicated team committing to providing high level security to the data you provide. We use a set of physical, electronic and managerial procedures for the safeguard of the information we collect. While we give our best to ensure security of your information from unauthorized access, we also encourage you to take necessary precautions to keep away from internet frauds.

We protect your personal information

We ensure online security and privacy of your data that you provide us. We use safest technology for the highest standards of security for secure transactions and customer information privacy. The information that you provide us is safe from unauthorized parties. U-choice wants you to relax for you to experience the most pleasant shopping experience. So, appropriate measures are taken for the security of your credit card information and personal information.

We respect your privacy rights

We understand that the information you provide us are highly confidential. You can have faith in us. We do not sell or rent your personal information to other parties without your permission or unless required by the law.
If you doubt that we may have any information about you that is inappropriate or incorrect, please email us at info@uniformchoice.com.au. Our privacy policy may change at any time without any notice. So, please check the page from time and again to make sure the changes are convenient for you.





Join hands with us and benefit yourselves with our affiliate programs. Become our partner for free and start earning commission every time a product is sold. All you have to do is sign up and advertising or linking our banners in your website. Promote us and earn easy money.  Just send relevant traffic to us and we’ll do the rest.

Benefits of becoming our affiliate:

  • An affiliate is provided with easy money, free of cost and with almost no effort.
  • You do not need expertise to advertise our uniforms. You will be provided with assistance.
  • It is a risk-free opportunity to get paid.
  • You don’t need to handle the customers or complaints. We are there for that.
  • Joining the program is quick and easy. You get instant commissions.


Program Description:


What is an Affiliate?

Affiliate is a not just a member, but a partner of our Group. You are not just our promoter but our ally. By, joining our affiliate program, you can place links to our shirts, tees, military and factory uniforms, sportswear, eyewear, jackets and much more. You will be advertising our products in your websites, blogs or social account and we’ll be providing you commission for the traffic you send us. We can just be friends who help each other.

Who can join the program?

Anyone can join, whether it is a company or an individual. We welcome you to be our partner.

How do I join?

Joining our affiliate program is simple and easy. You can register FOR FREE by providing your details like your name and email address. Then, you will receive an email with a password and approval to become an official affiliate. After you are an affiliate, you will be given web banners and links which will need to be just copied to your website so you don’t need to do any work. If you need assistance, email us and we’ll be happy to help.

How does it work?

Our affiliates will be provided will affiliate-encoded links to our website. Each time a visitor clicks on the link, it redirects to our website with products like vests, pants, corporate or casual uniforms, etc. Through the process, you will be providing us traffic and potential customer. Every time a uniform is sold through your help, you’ll be provided with 10% commission.

How do I see my sales and commissions?

You can view your sales and commissions when you log on to your account.

How much will I be paid?

The payment differs upon the amount of traffic you provide us. You will be rewarded to you every time your visitor becomes our customer. 10% commission will be provided to our account every time you help us make a sale.

Shipping & Return

Shipping and Returns


Free Shipping

Uniform Choice provides free shipping for all orders over $199. This includes new orders, as well as repeat orders. So, you can shop without moving an inch from your spot and the order will be shipped to you within a matter of a few days. We will ship to you almost anything from corporate uniform to shirts to Jumpers to head wear.


Shipping Speed

It may take a few days for your order to arrive depending upon the destination. However, if you are in a hurry for your uniforms or workwear, you can speed up the shipping time by choosing the “Express Shipping” option. This option will occur additional charge to your order. However, if we feel we cannot ship within the specified time for whatever the reason, we will inform you via the email address you have provided to us, prior to processing your order.    

The shipping speed varies on number of factors including the availability of stock, delivery location, and whether or not you require us to do any decoration such as embroidery or screen printing. Orders not requiring us to do any decoration are usually shipped within 6-7 days with our Free Shipping option, or within 3-4 working days with the Express Shipping method. Working days are Monday to Friday, and excludes weekends and public holidays. Repeat orders for undecorated stock can be shipped quicker (5-7 working days), provided that the stock is available, upon which case, we will try to contact you.

Please view our Shipping Policy page for further information.



Customer satisfaction is our only goal, hence we accept returns, albeit on certain conditions, For example, while we accept returns for products deemed to be faulty by the manufacturer of the relevant product, but do not accept returns for items that are worn, or damaged by customer in anyway. Of course these are just a few examples, and that there are other inclusions and exclusions, and terms and conditions relevant to returns, hence we suggest that you check out our Returns Policy prior to making an order.


Please note that the information on this page, and all our policies, terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

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