How to prevent cotton fabric from shrinking

As a long established uniform and work wear supplier we often come across with situations where an XL size shirt end up being XS after the first wash. So, how can you prevent this from happening? Well, the short answer to this is that you cannot completely prevent a cotton fabric from shrinking, but you can do two things to minimize shrinking to 2-3% rather than 50-60%. Here is how:


The first thing is about controlling the washing temperature. Ideally you should wash your cotton fabrics in cold, or Luke-warm water (at least in the first wash). You should never use hot water! Also, it is best to avoid the spin cycle of the washing process.


The second thing is how you dry your cotton clothing. In this respect we recommend that you should never dry your items in a dryer, as it is possibly the worst mistakes you can make. It is best to hand it out to your cloths line (preferably in a shady area), and let it dry by itself.


Finally, I would like to say that I love wearing clothing made from cotton. It is simply the most comfortable option available. If you also like cotton clothing, please check out our range of cotton polos, tee shirts, pants and shorts.

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