Pros and Cons of Cotton fabric


Cotton is a natural fiber offering numerous benefits. A pure cotton fabric is highly comfortable to wear. Naturally, cotton also a fabric that is breathable. Cotton can stretch to accommodate your activity. What makes cotton fabric so popular and sought after, is its hypoallergenic nature, as well as its moisture-wicking properties.  So, if you are allergic to synthetic fibers, cotton may be the right choice.


There are also some disadvantages of buying clothing made from cotton. One of the most prominent disadvantage (that is, when compared to synthetic fabrics) is that cotton tend to loose its colour gradually with each wash. However, you can minimize the colour loss by washing in cold water, instead of hot water.

The other disadvantage of cotton fabrics is that they shrink in hot. So it is not advisable to put them in hot tumble drier. If you want to retain its colour and size for long term, it is best to wash in cold water, do not spin dry, and always hang it out on a clothes drier to dry naturally (preferably in a shaded area as Sun can also discolor the fabric).


It is worth noting that many of the disadvantages of the cotton is closely interlinked with the quality of cotton and how it is manufactured. For example, a low thread count cotton more likely to pill (the tiny cotton balls that appear on the surface of the fabric) then a high thread count cotton. Similarly, a low thread cotton is quite coarse, hence  scratchy, whereas a fine quality cotton is more soft and smooth.  Fine cottons such as the Turkish cotton is one of the finest that I have seen so far. Because they use long staple cotton, garments produced from them are more comfortable to wear, and lasts longer.


For a uniform, cotton is one of my preferred fabric option, especially if the garment is made from fine Turkish cotton. In fact many businesses prefer cotton fabric for their uniforms. For example, for a mechanical workshop a polo made from cotton is an ideal choice as it allows the mechanic to stretch as he/she needs to, while also providing optimum protection against scratching the car’s paintwork thanks to its softness.


What’s best: Pure Cotton or Cotton Blended fabric?

This is a question we face everyday, and the answer depends entirely on your objectives. For example, if you want a fabric that is easy to care and quick to dry, you may wish to consider a cotton blended fabric. However, if comfort is your first priority, then cotton fabric may be the best solution.  Given the complexity involved in choosing the right fabric for your uniforms, Uniform Choice offers online/over the phone assistance to ensure that you chose the right fabric. So, check out our cotton and cotton blended fabrics at our online store

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