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How to prevent cotton fabric from shrinking

As a long established uniform and work wear supplier we often come across with situations where an XL size shirt end up being XS after the first wash. So, how can you prevent this from happening? Well, the short answer to this is that you cannot completely prevent a cotton fabric from shrinking, but you can do two things to minimize shrinking to 2-3% rather than 50-60%. Here is how:


The first thing is about controlling the washing temperature. Ideally you should wash your cotton fabrics in cold, or Luke-warm water (at least in the first wash). You should never use hot water! Also, it is best to avoid the spin cycle of the washing process.


The second thing is how you dry your cotton clothing. In this respect we recommend that you should never dry your items in a dryer, as it is possibly the worst mistakes you can make. It is best to hand it out to your cloths line (preferably in a shady area), and let it dry by itself.


Finally, I would like to say that I love wearing clothing made from cotton. It is simply the most comfortable option available. If you also like cotton clothing, please check out our range of cotton polos, tee shirts, pants and shorts.

Where to buy Scrubs in Melbourne

Finding a place to buy scrubs can be a daunting task, especially after hours and weekends.

This is why Uniform Choice is one of the most preferred store to buy nursing scrubs and medical scrubs, as our online store is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can simply order your scrub tops and scrub pants and pay by PayPal. Our fast shipping service will deliver it to you within 1-2days for most of Melbourne suburbs.

If you require some assistance, please feel free to contact uscontact uscontact us.

Looking for quality lab coats in Melbourne?

lab coats in Melbourne

Medical and healthcare industry is a rapidly growing industry, employing many health care professionals. Considering that lab coats are not sold in clothing stores, many people in health care profession are wondering where they can get their lab coats, and even other medical clothing such as scrubs.


Lab Coats

Uniform Choice online store is probably the easiest and most cost efficient way of buying your lab coat. We offer white lab coat, which is tailored to be worn by both men and women. The size range starts from XS, and goes up to XXL. This lab coat also comes with plenty of pockets as well, including front pockets and chest pocket. Made from quality cotton-blend fabric, this lab coat offers both durability and comfort. As can be seen from the image, the lab coat is designed to be long in order to provide protection as far as your knees. Of course, the loose cut styling enables better movement while you are working.


Availability & Shipping

The problem with many workwear and uniform stores is that they usually don’t keep much stock when it comes to Lab Coats. Therefore, it is highly likely that they will not have the size you are looking for, in which case they need to bring it in from the supplier, which could take many days, or even weeks. In order to resolve such issues, we have developed a unique supply management system. As a result we can ship most orders within 1-3 days. Also, depending on the urgency of the order, we may be able to deliver your lab coat in the same day. You can also buy your medical and nursing scrubs from Uniform Choice. Please check out our range of health care work clothing.


Can’t find what you are looking for?

For some reason, if you cannot find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us so that we can try to get the product you seek.

Join Uniforms Geelong team at the Festival of Sails in 2018

Uniforms Geelong team at the Festival of Sales in Geelong

We invite you to join Uniforms Geelong team at this year’s festival of sales event. Our team is gearing up to celebrate the famous Festival of Sails event. The event  is set to begin on 26 January 2018. Its the Australia Day weekend.

Festival of Sales is Australia’s oldest water sporting events. It is organized by the Royal Geelong Yacht Club. There will be a Shoreside Festival as well. There will be live music and lots of food options. Many food vans will offer their tasty foods.

I really enjoyed last years festival of sales event. It was nice seeing so many people at the event. Kids had lots o fun as well. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my sunscreen lotion. So, I ended up with a nice sunburn. So, this is a reminder. Bring along a hat and plenty of sunscreen lotion. If you don’t have one, it’s no problem. You can order your hats from our online uniform store.

This is a free community event. You can bring all the family and friends to watch this exciting race and experience the spectacular waterfront fireworks display. This year we are expecting a greater turnout, which makes the event even more exciting. So, we invite all our customers to come and join us during the celebrations. Uniforms Geelong team will be there in full. If you have any queries, feel free to ask. You can also get a copy of our  2018 uniform and workwear catalogue. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for making 2017 a fantastic year for Uniforms Geelong. We look forward to your continuing support in 2018.

See you all at the 175th Festival of Sails!



How to get the best deal when buying uniforms online in Melbourne

Getting the best deal for your uniforms may easier than you thought. You see, mainly, there are three kinds of uniforms suppliers:

  1. Those who simply upload products to an online, without worrying whether anyone buys or not.
  2. Those who are mainly in retail business, but also tries to sell online, and
  3. Those that sell purely online.


Ideally, you should avoid the first one, as they are only interested in sales, but not the service. They probably have numerous other websites, each aimed at different industry. We call these types of people the ‘professional sellers’. They are simply interested in sales, hence could not be bothered with the service that is vital in uniform industry.


The second group of suppliers are to be approached with caution, that is, if you want to get the best deal. This is because the online sales are an extra way they hope to sell. However, the prices are usually in line with the retail prices, which are usually high due to overheads. Therefore, getting a good deal from their online store is pretty slim.


In our opinion, those uniform suppliers who mainly sell via online stores are the best candidates to do business with. This is because the only line of income they will be generating is via their online store, and by not other means. This fact makes them the ideal candidate for getting the best service, as well as the best price. Because they don’t have to worry about their customers who buy through their retail outlets (because they don’t have any), they are more likely to be flexible with prices. However, this flexibility is not always available online… You need to also entice them…


Technology can work against you

While online uniforms sales relies upon technology, it is not foolproof. In fact, you will end up paying more than you needed to if you purely rely on online ordering, especially if you are buying in bulk. So, what is the solution? Well, my nine years of experience in this field has shown that contacting to those who only sell online is the best way to get a great deal. Ideally, you should tell them what you want, the colour, quantity, size, etc, and ask for a quote. This is when you will see the kind of service these people are offering, as well as the price. In this regards, I invite you to test out Uniform Choice by contacting them in order to get the best price, and the best service.




Mechanic Uniforms

Why is uniform important for a Mechanic business?

A uniform is more than just a workwear. This is partly the reason as to why marketing professionals place a huge emphasis on uniforms. Uniforms can play the same crucial role for small businesses, just as it does for larger companies. In fact, the smaller the business, the more important it becomes. As for mechanics, uniform can be the best tool that a mechanic could have, especially from a marketing point of view.


Uniform Choice is highly committed to providing quality information that you could use to enhance your mechanic business, as well as make huge savings on your mechanic uniforms by buying at wholesale rates. As part of this objective, we will be providing a serious of blogs on topics that could help you build a better business. These blogs will include easy to follow information, important links and various tactics that you could utilize in choosing your uniform, as well as in effectively marketing your business. The next blog will be published soon, so, keep tune to this page. Also, we would love to hear your suggestions and recommendations.


Coming soon: How to get the best value-for-money deal?



Pros and Cons of Cotton blended fabrics: poly/cotton

Pure Cotton, or Blended Cotton?

image of a partial cotton plant

cotton blended fabrics

While cotton is great fabric to use for making uniforms, it has its limitations. Over the years, fabric manufacturers attempted, and continue to blend cotton with other fibers, in order to give specific characteristics to the fabric. Such characteristics include better colour retention, better stretch, water resistance, and so on.


Polyester, a man made material, is one of the most popular material when it comes to blending it with cotton. Polyester and Cotton blends are often expressed as “poly/cotton” or “polycotton”.


Advantages of Cotton/Polyester blended fabrics


Blending cotton with polyester promises, and delivers some important benefits to the garment.


Polyester and Cotton blended apparels offer better colour retention than pure cotton garments. This feature is fairly important for some businesses. For example, uniforms for motor mechanics, or tradies, gets washed frequently. Therefore, it is important that the uniform retains its colour as much as possible.


Durability, that is, better wear-n-tear is also an important for some business uniforms. For example, a polo shirt worn by a mechanic needs to be able to handle grease and grime, and should be easy to wash. Poly/cotton fabric offers such durability, hence why we often recommend these types of uniforms to mechanics, plumbers, painters, and so on.


A uniform that maintains its original looks is an important aspect of a uniform that one needs to consider before ordering uniforms. I mean, who would want to be seen in a sagged uniform? Garments made from polyester and cotton blended fabrics offer such an advantage. It reduces sagging greatly, if not eliminate it.


One of the disadvantages of natural fibers is that they can shrink if washed in hot water, or dried in a hot tumble drier. Throughout my career as a uniform supplier to many businesses in Australia, I have seen numerous situations where a large size garment is shrank to a small size garment due to the above reasons. Polyester blended cotton fabrics largely eliminate this problem. Largely due to this reason, one of our most popular polo shirt is made from cotton/polyester blend


Disadvantages of Cotton and Polyester blended fabrics


Of course, the benefits of blending cotton with polyester also has its advantages, at least, as far as uniforms are concerned. Uniforms made from polyster/cotton blend fabrics are less flame retardant. So if you are ordering welders uniforms, it’s probably not the best uniform choice. Another key disadvantage of poly/cotton uniforms is that the fabric pills, leaving micro balls. If the uniform is likely to be rubbed during your work practice, then this fabric may not be the ideal choice.


If you are not sure whether a polyester/cotton blended uniform is the right choice for your business, it’s best that you get advice from an experienced uniform supplier. With over nine years of experience, we think we can help. You can visit our site, and chat with us before ordering your uniforms or work wear. It will save you lots of headache, and possibly, lots of money.

Pros and Cons of Cotton fabric


Cotton is a natural fiber offering numerous benefits. A pure cotton fabric is highly comfortable to wear. Naturally, cotton also a fabric that is breathable. Cotton can stretch to accommodate your activity. What makes cotton fabric so popular and sought after, is its hypoallergenic nature, as well as its moisture-wicking properties.  So, if you are allergic to synthetic fibers, cotton may be the right choice.


There are also some disadvantages of buying clothing made from cotton. One of the most prominent disadvantage (that is, when compared to synthetic fabrics) is that cotton tend to loose its colour gradually with each wash. However, you can minimize the colour loss by washing in cold water, instead of hot water.

The other disadvantage of cotton fabrics is that they shrink in hot. So it is not advisable to put them in hot tumble drier. If you want to retain its colour and size for long term, it is best to wash in cold water, do not spin dry, and always hang it out on a clothes drier to dry naturally (preferably in a shaded area as Sun can also discolor the fabric).


It is worth noting that many of the disadvantages of the cotton is closely interlinked with the quality of cotton and how it is manufactured. For example, a low thread count cotton more likely to pill (the tiny cotton balls that appear on the surface of the fabric) then a high thread count cotton. Similarly, a low thread cotton is quite coarse, hence  scratchy, whereas a fine quality cotton is more soft and smooth.  Fine cottons such as the Turkish cotton is one of the finest that I have seen so far. Because they use long staple cotton, garments produced from them are more comfortable to wear, and lasts longer.


For a uniform, cotton is one of my preferred fabric option, especially if the garment is made from fine Turkish cotton. In fact many businesses prefer cotton fabric for their uniforms. For example, for a mechanical workshop a polo made from cotton is an ideal choice as it allows the mechanic to stretch as he/she needs to, while also providing optimum protection against scratching the car’s paintwork thanks to its softness.


What’s best: Pure Cotton or Cotton Blended fabric?

This is a question we face everyday, and the answer depends entirely on your objectives. For example, if you want a fabric that is easy to care and quick to dry, you may wish to consider a cotton blended fabric. However, if comfort is your first priority, then cotton fabric may be the best solution.  Given the complexity involved in choosing the right fabric for your uniforms, Uniform Choice offers online/over the phone assistance to ensure that you chose the right fabric. So, check out our cotton and cotton blended fabrics at our online store

The Secret to Surviving Melbourne’s Weather

 With the entitlement of having four seasons in day, Melbourne is pretty much a hectic place considering the unpredictable weather conditions. One thing is that, you can never be sure about Melbourne’s weather. If it’s sunny now, you cannot say that it won’t rain in the next 5 minutes making it real difficult for the normal day to day corporate people to choose the best corporate uniform that will help them adapt to the changing weather condition of Melbourne. The unpredictability of the weather urges a real need of being cunning when it comes to dressing because you cannot gamble your day on the uniform you wear. Wearing a thin and cool shirt in a day that will turn to have extreme shower and a low temperature is what will make you curse the weather and yourself too.

One of the underlying factors for frequent changes in whether is its geographic location, that is, between the Australian outback and the southern ocean, where the air flowing on both sides meet here, which causes such unpredictable changes in weather.  Although a day might start cloudy or rainy, you can be pretty certain that the sun and the blue sky will come through. Similarly, a clear sunny day might turn into a gloomy rainy day in no time. In such unpredictable weather, the most sensitive part becomes dressing. It is very difficult to dress (whether for office, parties, work etc.) when the weather is likely to change any moment.

In Melbourne, you should be ready for all kind of weather every day. Summer in Melbourne is pretty hot and there is rain almost every five or six days which might cause the temperature to fall. During rainy summer days it might be cool enough to make you feel cold at work. Thus the work wear for corporate people in Melbourne should be such that it fits hot as well as cold day. A full sleeve shirt whose sleeves can be rolled up when it gets hot or rolled down when it rains and turns cool can be a good choice to wear to work. Of course, we recommend that you select quality shirts to wear.  What our years of experience in supplying uniforms in Melbourne, had shown that the most popular shirts are those made from pure cotton fabric, or rich in cotton content, as oppose to polyester fabrics. This is because cotton fabric is suitable to both hot and cold environments. What is also useful thing to have handy, especially during summer, is a light-weight water resistant jacket.

Autumn in Melbourne is a mixed bag of weather. It can be 35 degrees in one day whereas 15 in the next day. Days might be cloudy and showery very rarely. The ‘four seasons a day’ title mostly fits to this season because of the unpredictability of the weather. Days are moderately hot mostly and extreme hot sometimes. This causes a havoc in people regarding how to dress up for work and choosing the best uniform is hectic in this season. Mostly cool cotton clothes that helps to keep one warm can be a good choice with some rainproof jacket and trousers to resist the light showers that might start any moment.

Winters are usually cool and damp in Melbourne. The maximum temperature averages around 15 degrees and the minimum average is around 7 degrees but it can also get colder than 2 degrees with snow in the top of mountains. The days are usually cloudy with short sunny breaks. It rains averagely 2 in 5 days and the rain decreases the temperature extremely which makes it compulsory to get dressed that helps in both cool and cold weather. The corporate dress for winters can be warm long sleeved woolen shirt, a knitted  jumper or a vest, complemented with a jacket. Usually, warm woolen shirts and sweater is a must since it can help you stay warm and comfortable .The uniforms for winter is available on different uniform suppliers and stores.
Spring is also a box of mixed weathers. It is wet season with highest rainfall during October. Days are around 18 to 25 degrees whereas nights are around 9 to 15 degrees. It is the windiest season which also affects the work uniforms in Melbourne. There are days of extreme heat during November. This creates a serious issue for the corporate men to choose proper corporate uniform. The uniform that might be very helpful during spring is light cotton shirts and pants but you should always carry a windproof and water resistant light jacket that can help you as and when required.

As such , the unpredictable weather conditions of Melbourne with the hide and seek of sun, windy and gloomy and other variant weathers in a single day, proper knowledge and sense about what to wear for work can be a real boon to all the working people out there. The struggle people do every day to protect themselves from extreme and unpleasant weather conditions is real and very high which makes it almost mandatory to add carefully chosen uniforms to your wardrobe that can assist you in the unpredictable weather of Melbourne. Similarly, it is also challenging for the work wear sellers to collect the best suited dress for the people of the ‘four seasons a day’ city. The suppliers and store that have proper ideas about the type of dresses suitable for Melbourne obviously have an edge over the ones unknown to the idea of the best suited work uniform for the Melbourne businesses.

Uniforms Online Melbourne

If you are looking to order uniforms online in Melbourne, then check out the huge range of uniforms, corporate wear, hospitality uniforms, health care uniforms and team uniforms, as well as our extensive selection of work wear.


In addition to our wide range of uniforms, we also offer great savings for shopping through our online store, and even greater savings for bulk purchasers. So, if you have numerous employees, and wish to dress them up neatly, we can help!


Here at Uniform Choice, we appreciate the fact that most of our shoppers prefer to have their embroidery and screen printing done at the same store, which we think is a good idea as it can provide huge savings, while also reduce the hassle. This is why Uniform Choice offer decoration service, which includes quality embroidery, screen printing and engraving.


You can now order uniforms online, arrange your embroidery, and have it delivered to anywhere in Melbourne, or to any other location within Australia.